Dépliage du Soi

“Dépliage du Soi”, is one of my long-term conceptual photography projects. It playfully explores themes of “unfolding” of the self, “Vitruvian Man”, gender and golden numbers. All photography is done on location in Paris, with no elements artificially generated.

This project has so far received four different awards from Prix de la Photographie, Paris:

Honorable Mention 2012, “Dépliage du Soi” series.
Honorable Mention 2012, “Us”, selection from series.
Honorable Mention 2013, “Regards, Mr. Mondrian”, selection from series.
People’s Choice Award 2013 – “Pacing 4/vs. Brando”, selection from series.

Px3 Winner People's Choice Award  Px3 Winner Honorable Mention 2013  Px3 Winner Honorable Mention 2012

Special thanks and acknowledgements for their kind permission to:

– The Musée du Louvre for the Grande Pyramide du Louvre by Mr. I. M. Pei,
– Centre des Monuments Nationaux and Mr. David Buren for personally and graciously allowing his Colonnes de Buren installation at the Palais Royal

for use in this project.